Publish Date: Sept 28, 2021
This is a rewrite of a rewrite of a rewrite of a rewrite of an old school project I did. It's inspired by fairy tails (is this the proper term) we all heard at some point or another, but it has my own twist.

Maple trees blew with the wind
sunlight burned itself into the soil
yet nothing warned of what's ahead
and she jogged as the sun made her skin boil.

A giant toadstool stood on the trail.
Curiously, the girl examined the strange thing.
She touched, rubbed, and patted it,
and she went back on her way to exercising.

Fatigue caught up with her frail body;
she found herself on the dirt,
until the maple leaves turned red,
and the color made her alert.

She rubbed her eyes,
It was only a hallucination, she believed,
but footsteps came,
and from what appeared in her large retinas, she screamed.

"What is it?" trembled her lips.
Further grew the creature's red antler,
body shaped of a mutated deer,
and red like the blood which flowed in her.

"Five wishes," declared the creature.
The girl's tiny mind couldn't even comprehend
and she backed away in utter fear.
The creature pushed her head to suspend.

"You have five wishes," repeated the thing.
The girl felt hopeless as she was grounded.
She didn't understand what was happening
but silence would fail while surrounded.

"A bicycle," grunted the girl.
Out of thin air, the bike came down
just about hitting her small head,
and startled, she bounced off the ground.

The metal of the bike was dented and twisted
The yellow paint was peeling and torn
A frame so tiny only a child could ride
and the seat felt like a giant thorn

"You have four wishes."
The girl didn't have what she wanted,
and she was upset,
so, not moving on, she protested.

"I wanted a bike. What's this?"
She kicked the bike that tried its best,
and it only damaged it more.
The creature didn't like the protest.

"You wanted a bike, miss. What's the fourth wish?"
The girl didn't want to waste any more time,
She thought of a wish that wouldn't fail,
and she always tried to make a dime.

"I want a million dollars."
In a flash, a large pile of coins and bills fall,
and some of the coins hit her head.
Of course, none of which she could easily haul.

"Just get me a wheelbarrow," she said, very annoyed.
and again, just like magic,
a rusty, broken cart came out of the sky.
The result was so tragic.

"You have two wishes left, miss," said the creature,
The girl felt the creature was so dense.
Not getting anything the way she wanted,
and she had gotten sick of nonsense.

"This better come out right," she sighed,
"I want a basket that's versitile."
and out of the sky, a basket came
and landed onto the giant pile.

"You have one wish left, miss."
The girl picked up the basket,
it was almost brand new
the creature didn't need a casket.

Not that she would've hurt the thing,
but she finally got something she wanted,
only after three failed attempts,
Loading money in the basket, she started.

"Get me a boyfriend, please."
Then, the red leaves turned normal.
The creature disappeared,
and she grew irritable.

"Where is he?" she raged,
but the creature didn't hear,
and she did not know
that the boy was near.

"Where am I," said a voice from behind her.
As it came, she turned around in excitement,
to see a cute boy with a fishing rod,
She quickly wanted to make a commitment.

"Hey, I'm your new girlfriend,"
she said with an evil grin on her pretty face,
but the boy appeared dazed,
and other than fear, no interest in his case.

"Who?" the boy asked fearfully.
The girl walked close as his body shook,
and his hands trembled backwards,
then it set in her within one look.

"That damn thing lied to me again," she screamed.
She grabbed the basket and left the boy behind
She boarded the tiny bike, basket in hand
but she didn't nearly have the time to unwind.

She pedalled down the trail
wanting to escape the park,
but she did not realize
she made a giant mark.

The chain snapped
and the small bike quickly fell over
She stood up,
and toward the exit, she walked closer.

As she left, a boy cried,
"Donald is missing, he vanished."
and a headache came on,
and she ignored --- she was famished.

It soon came to her small mind,
everything could've been imagined.
She remembered the fungus
and believed it's why it happened.

"Who stole my basket," a woman ranted.
The girl held the basket out of view.
She never stole the thing, she told herself.
She happened to have a basket too.

"Who stole the money out of my wallet."
the people of the park complained.
She held the full basket even closer
to keep the money she obtained.

She sat in her car
shocked over the effects of the mushroom.
With her new money
for a bicycle, she had enough room.